Christina Hugl I Sekt & Pet-Nat

Im Weingarten 3

3562 Mollands im Kamptal
+43 650 7427151

How it all started...

I wanted to be different, to produce different products. Zero Dosage, new, extraordinary grapevarieties, long ageing sur lies, Pet-Nat. It all started in the cellar of my parents in Stützenhofen. Together with my better half Robert we started producing Pet-Nat, really small amounts. But we love the product so much, that we decided to go our own way and create sparklings that represent our taste, our vision and most of all our personality. A lot of sparklings are still hidden deep in the cellar because traditional sparklings need a lot of time, but we already have some to be tasted! We are enjoying our wine-playground so much - barrels directly from champagne, new ways of vinification - we love to experiment and work with wine!

Our vineyards are mostly situated in Kamptalvalley but also in Weinviertel, but we also buy grapes from other winemakers. We love to work with different soils to develop sparklings with a unique character. Different to others we do join our partners during the year with visits in the vineyards, we plan the pruning season together and take care of them together. That's how we can guarantee the best quality of grapes. The basewines are produced in our old cellar in Mollands, which is situated in the Kamptal valley, one of the prettiest spots in Austria. There the wines get as much time as they need to age, ripe, develop and simply get better!

The meaning of my logo is quite a story actually ;) I am a very open minded person that loves to be surrounded by people (mostly with good wine as a company) so I wanted everyone that looks at my bottles to see who I am. I am working with our nature and I am trying to take as much care about it as I can because I want to enjoy what we have as long as I live. I obviously love dogs, so our tow family dogs Lupa and Carli had to be part of my bubble journey. And of course they always join me on my vineyardwalks and during harvest! The bird is a sign I connect with my childhood and protection. I always felt safe at home and we used to have a lot of birds nests and sometimes when a biddy fell out we took care of it until it could fly away again, but it is also somehow my sign for freedom. The squirrel had to be on my label. When I was a little girl we used to take long walks together with my grandfather and we always had the squirrel-challenge: the one who saw most of them, was allowed to eat more cake or chocolate! All the flowers and the gras is a symbol for the beauty we have here in Austria, especially just right of the front door. We should appreciate it much more because what we have here, is simply amazing!

Dancing with the wolves...

Sometimes it is not so easy to find a perfect place for what you are doing, especially if you produce wine and search for a cellar. My better half and me were on the search for quite a while but we just could not find something which was like „made for us“. But hey, that’s what friends are for: get to know those great guys Peter and Matthias from the winery Peter & der Wolf. They’ve had the same issue as we did but they were lucky enough to find a cellar and they invited us to share their kingdom under the soils with us! Matthias and Peter help us so much and we help each other where we can - tasting new vintages, organizing events (Peter is one of the best cooks I know) and much much more - those guys are simply awesome!