CHRISTINA's Sparkling Wine. delightful, impressive and different.


Havest 2017 - Movie Start!

2017 was a magnificent harvest, unbelievably exiting until the end but the "leftovers" were just perfect! Watch the movie to get a glimpse on the last day of harvest of vintage 2017!


My background

The grapes used for the sparkling wines grow on fertile and chalky soils. The continental climate in the Weinviertel with hot days and cold nights is ideal for different parameters the basewine has to fulfill. After producing the base wine, traditional methods with a second fermentation in the bottle is used to produce sparkling wine.  This is a perfect background for producing sparkling wine.

NEw ideas

Since I was a child I was fascinated by my fathers profession to produce sparkling wine. I always joined him to to vineyards and the cellar but I have always had one big desire: to produce sparkling wines as I imagine it to taste and to give this sparkling fascination my own signature.



Let me introduce you to my four sparkling wines!